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Do you want to quit smoking?

I am trying to figure out what is up with March.  I’ve had 16 people this past month come for smoking cessation.  Is March the official Quit Smoking Month?  Whatever the reason, it has been great helping people quit a habit that is destroying their body and literally stealing everything they are working for.

When you break it down, smoking takes up time, money, health, opportunity, intimacy, longevity and whatever else it is you would like to do with your life.  I know this first hand. I watched my aunt die of emphysema and it was a slow and painfully cruel death.  In fact, as I write, my father, who quit smoking in his late 40’s suffers from emphysema.  Even though he quit, he has been on an oxygen tank for the last 10 years. He is now 79.  In fact, smoking, a killer who slowly kills you from the inside out, started limiting him when he was in his mid-30’s.  I can’t imagine.  He remembers that even back then he was experiencing low endurance, difficulty thinking, fatigue and difficulty breathing.  Hearing this is difficult. It means that for more than 1/2 his life he has experienced significant life-limiting symptoms due to smoking, that changed the course of his entire life.  Does he regret ever picking up a cigarette?  You bet he does. 

Every person that walks through my office door has started to feel the limits created by their smoking habit.  The limits being their wake up call.  One patient, a beautiful young woman in her mid-20’s received her wake-up call.  She was on a 1st date with a handsome young man that she was genuinely interested in.  She did not tell him she smoked.  About 1/2 way through the date, she wanted a cigarette. She excused herself to the bathroom, then sneaked outside to smoke.  Well, he figured it out.  When she returned to their table, he was gone!  No one wants to kiss an ashtray, let alone witness the horrible reality of watching a loved one die slowly and painfully.  What is your wake up call?  What is going to be your limit?  I’m here at the office and would love the opportunity to help you quit for good!

Best Regards,

Kathleen Fraser, L.Ac. ,Dipl. Ac., C.Ht.


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