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Pain is a common reason that patients seek acupuncture.  I have treated back, neck, and shoulder pain, leg pain, migraines, abdominal pain, foot and hand pain and more. Because the health of your body is dependent on the vitality of your blood and your body’s ability to circulate blood, whenever there is an inability of your body to perform these functions, you will experience discomfort.  On subtle levels, you may experience numbness, tingling, intermittent achiness, etc.  If left untreated, your body may begin to signal you with more intense symptoms such as sharp pain, weakness, inflammation, and stiffness.  Such symptoms give rise to a lack of mobility and a decrease in range of motion. 

Patients usually seek acupuncutre as a last resort.  Their pain has existed for quite some time.  Take for instance, Colleen.  In the winter of 2008, Colleen came to me with migraines.  The migraines occured daily and manifested as sharp pains that felt like an ice pick had been plunged into her right temple.  Nausea, vomitting and auras became a weekly event that prevented her from working regular hours.  She eventually lost her job which in turn caused more stress.  The lining of her stomach had eroded from acid reflux and her digestion was compromised.  By the time she had come for acupuncture treatment, she had lost 25 pounds and could not make it through the day without sleeping. 

I recommended to Colleen that she come for treatment twice weekly until we could get her digestion working properly and to alleviate the sharp pain in her right temple.  Initially, treatment focused on her stomach, spleen, liver and gallbladder pathways of energy.  The overproduction of bile by the liver was effecting her whole body.  Exess bile can erode the lining of the stomach and can cause an imbalance of the digestive enzymes created by the liver and the pancreas.  It can also cause inflammation of the digestive organs.  This imbalance caused a war zone from the chest, through the stomach and into the lower abdomen in Colleen’s body on a daily basis. 

 Acupuncture treatment served to relax the liver, thereby reducing the bile production, and to relieve the stomach, thereby healing the stomach lining and creating normal digestion.  Relief came in a domino effect.  With her digestive system balanced, Colleen was able to digest without issue.  Her body’s ability to absorb nutrients strengthened her. She gained energy and was able to bring her body to a normal healthy weight.  In fact, her migraines disappeared. No more pain, no more nausea, vomitting or auras.  She discontinued  her Imitrex (pain medication), Prilosec (stomach medication), and lorazepam (anti-anxiety) medications.  By the 4th week of treatment, Colleen was able to reduce her biweekly appointments to one time weekly.  This again was reduced to once every two weeks, then to monthly.  Presently Colleen remains symptom free and maintains one appointment every 6 to 8 weeks.

In addtion to relieving her symptoms, Colleen came to understand that she had to learn HOW to take care of herself.  As a career woman, wife and mother of two teenage boys, Colleen had put her needs aside to the point her body could no longer function.  She had experienced serious life threatening issues that forced her to reevaluate how she approached life.  Colleen and her husband renewed their marriage vows.  As a couple, they recognized that they were both just getting by and not paying attention to their own needs, each other or to the needs of their family.  Yes, the bills were getting paid, events were scheduled, holidays happened and life moved on.  What is different now is that Colleen and her family united as a team with health as a priority.  

If you are suffering from discomfort, consider acupucture. The White Lotus Acupuncture clinic offers free 20 minute consultations, so that our licensed acupuncturist can review your history and answer your questions. 

May the Best of Health be Yours,

Kathleen Fraser, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., C.Ht.


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